Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Prospect of a Prospect: The Two Halves of Thursday

Hello, this is a column that will run every week looking at two of the many stories going on in American soccer. Don't be mad after reading this, Friday is a day away. 

View the Luis Gil rumors with a grain of salt.
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Mexico Taps Gil? Not Really.

Luis Gil became the latest young, American MLS player to end up on Mexico's radar. That is according to Andrew Wiebe at MLS Soccer. Wiebe reports that Mexico are "seriously inquiring" about Gil's interest in filing a one-time switch to play for Mexico. These types of reports must be taken with a grain of salt for two reasons.

The principle reason is agenda. We in the media need scoops, it's what keeps the news cycle moving. That being said, scoops that come from sources cannot be the total core of a story because then we become middlemen between the source and the public. The greater issue with this is that there needs to be a middlemen because chances are the source is in a position where they cannot go public with the information themselves.

In this case, it would be wise to assume that this person is in either the Mexican camp or Gil's camp. If the source is with the FMF, then we should see it as someone who wants Gil to be quickly included as part of a new era for El Tri under Victor Manuel Vucetich. If it's someone in Gil's camp then we should see it as a way to just let the USSF and its fans know that there is another option if the US doesn't pay attention to him.

The other reason is the simple fact that if Mexico needs to turn to Luis Gil to assure themselves of a shot at going to the World Cup, then their situation is more dire than it looked at any point under Chepo de La Torre. No disrespect to Gil who will be a very good player but he should not be viewed as the answer to neither the USMNT's or El Tri's problems at this time.

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