Friday, April 20, 2012

Game to Watch: Chivas USA vs. Philadelphia Union

Saturday's game will be a battle for momentum
Both on the Upward Swing, Chivas USA and the Philadelphia Union are set to butt heads this Saturday at the Depot Center.

Juan Pablo Angel looks to lead Chivas to their 3rd straight win

Legion 190

As neither side has had the sturdiest of starts to the 2012 season, neither can afford many more bumps in the road as the recent runs of good form could prove crucial to solidifying their progress.

Robin Fraser knows his squad will need to not get ahead of themselves however if they look to repeat the glory they encountered in their 2007 campaign. Chivas USA has been indeed working out the kinks (including a victory in Salt Lake), thus far landing them right in the middle of the Western conference.
Hosting the Union presents a prime opportunity to make it a third straight win and four in their last five games, as Legion 1908 and company will be proud to play their role as well.
A slow start for the Philadelphia Union has placed them at a disappointingly low stance in the East. But with tying Vancouver and defeating Columbus, the Union are set for a character-defining trip to the Home Depot Center.
Not only would this support early progress, but justify the thought of consistency. Joining the League in 2010, the Union converted a healthy portion of their losses to ties and wins in 2011, rewarding them 17 more points and jumping up 4 spots in their conference, 6 higher overall. If the Union can shake off the month of March and see such improvement once more, it would prove remarkable development for only three seasons.
So be the stakes of the early days in the 2012 MLS Season.
Trestan Matel
ONE GOAL Contributor

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